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Fine Art Portfolios

The images in the set of Fine Art portfolios begin in the late 70’s with the “Women and Self Image” series. This body of work spans about a 10 year period in which I explored the concept of creating images of women that had meaning for them, powerful statements that spoke of their own truth as opposed to my portrayal of them. These images were a collaboration, a product of an extended process of self-exploration on their part, and a deep sharing of themselves with me. These are not the “Selfies” of the 70’s. They represent a journey inwards in a protected space, moments when we stepped out of time and into the electricity of a deep presence. I consider myself very honored by each one of them. These are experiences that I remember vividly.


Since moving to the Hudson Valley in 2002 my work has shifted step by step into a process of deep engagement with Nature. Living on the foothills of the Shawangunk Mountains, deer on my lawn, bears on the rail trail, hawks overhead, foxes emerging at dusk, coyotes howling at the moon, all of this and much more, has drawn me ever further into a magical realm of deep engagement. My camera has been a portal, opening my senses in a more expansive way, engaging me in subtle realms that hover just below the surface, interfacing when we slow down enough to step into resonance.


The Elemental and Alchemical Spirit Series of images evolved as I stepped deeper into this world and as the technology I work with became more sophisticated. The mirrored images of this period lead me back to exploring the mirroring of light on the surfaces of water. Although I had been exploring single moments like this with 35mm Kodachrome, the latest digital cameras of the past 10 years or so have made it possible for me to create the large high-resolution image sequences of the "Liquid Light" Series. These tools take me into an exploration of Space and Time, shooting one spot in a series of moments. A step into the 4th Dimension, one of infinitely changing subtlety, rich with nuance, filled with moments of potential connection. 

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