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Linda Law is a Digital / Holographic artist with a long history of working with the breaking edge of new technology. Sailing to New York from the UK in 1971 her early days were focused on scientific imaging and research in her work in the Biochemistry Department at SUNY, Stony Brook. This early work involved imaging with a Transmission Electron Microscope, photography and the processing of other research data using the mainframe computer in the Engineering Department and gave her very early entry into these technologies. 


Following her initial exposure to Holography (at the first major exhibition of holograms in New York at the International Center of Photography), it became clear to her that this was a medium she unequivocally wanted to explore creatively. Returning to London in 1977, she became a part of an active and growing holographic community in the UK, supporting herself as a Rock and Roll photographer while experimenting in Holography (as Artist in Residence in the Physics Department at The City Unversity, London).


Returning to New York in 1981 she took up the position of  Assistant Director of the Center for Optics, Lasers, and Holography at NY Institute of Technology. This new facility was linked to the renowned Computer Graphics Lab at NYIT staffed by some of the leading computer graphics engineers and artists at that time working on 3D Computer Animation. This early exposure to the world of 3D animation opened a door for her into the digital imaging world that few knew of at that time and which we now take for granted. During this time she created holographic images, collaborated with other artists in the Computer Graphics Lab and began to explore the realm of Digital Holography. She also created a ground-breaking Audio-Visual for the Royal Photographic Society's major exhibition of Holography in Bath, UK, using digital images created in collaboration with the NYIT Computer Graphics Lab and curated several exhibitions of Holographic Art.


Leaving NYIT in 1986 she worked as the curator of the NY Museum of Holography where she continued to design and present installations of Holographic Art. This transitioned into working as a teaching artist funded by many grants from NYFA, NYSCA and other granting agencies. In the early 90's her skills in 3D animation combined with her knowledge of Holography brought her an opportunity to work with a pioneering holographic engineer, Ken Haines. Working for him in his new company, Simian Inc. she created many 3D animations for ground-breaking digital holograms. 


In 2002, her move to the Hudson Valley from Long Island was accompanied by a shift into the realm of digital photography where she began to create a new body of work, her "Elemental Spirits". The progressive evolution of digital cameras and archival inkjet printing has opened up new possibilities of creative expression leading to new bodies of work. This technological development opened the doorway for her "Liquid Light Series" and the latest portfolios of "Triptychs".


Currently, she is working on an installation project "The Augmented Healing Garden" and her experiments with Scanning Electron Microscopy for her next holographic project "Stoma".

She is also now the Executive Director of the HoloCenter and is launching a new project, The Virtual Museum of Holography. To learn more about the HoloCenter and the VMOH please check out the HoloCenter Website at


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