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Documentary Photography

In stepping back into my early work (1975 - 2000), the creation of this website has engaged me in the process of reviewing, scanning and editing thousands and thousands of images. In truth, I’m not fully there yet as the scanned work so far has not included my color film work (35mm Kodachrome mostly) or my work in Holography. The early B & W documentary photography is placed in a separate series of portfolios and revisiting these collections of images I am struck by the relevance of this work today. The feminist images in the age of Trump, International Women’s Day March 1977, The Chiswick Home for Battered Women (the first such refuge), student life in the dorms at SUNY Stony Brook, Stone Henge Druid Ceremony Summer Solstice 1978, Holographic Artists, NY and London, many windows into moments in time.

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