Understanding Holograms 3

Fall 2021

From Lasers to Light Fields

In memory of Margaret Benyon

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Course Curriculum

This is the third time I have offered this course and new material is being added all the time to keep this course current. I also invite special guests to join us for specific sessions. As some of the sessions from last year (which were all recorded on Ruzuku) included outstanding presentations from individuals who can't be with us this year. I am including recordings of those sessions. However, I will be with you live for the weekly classes.

You will find much supporting material on the Ruzuku site which is the place where you will also  find recordings of the sessions (including the new recordings of sessions shortly after they occur). 

Session 1


                Holographic History

                Principles of the Interference of Light

                Understanding the many kinds of Holograms

                Digital Printed Holograms

                Where can you see Holograms?

                Where can you study "hands-on"?

Session 2

Part 1

                 Holographic Art

                 Pioneers of the Field

                 The International Community of Holographic Artists

                 Styles of Holograms

                 Facilities where you can create your own art holograms

                 Digital tools for creating content for holograms

Part 2

                 Understanding what is not a hologram - Pepper's Ghost and the myth of Tupak Shakur

                 Movie special effects - Star Wars and Princess Laia - Star Trek and the Holodeck

Session 3

Steps in the Right Direction

                 3D Projection Mapping

                 Lenticular Imaging

                 Lenticular Stereo Displays

                 3D TV

Session 4

 Volumetric vs VR vs Holographic

                 Volumetric Displays

                 Volumetric Data Capture



                 360 Stereo photography and video


Session 5

 Understanding Light Fields - The Plenoptic Camera

                  Capturing Light Fields

                  Camera Arrays

                  Computer Graphics

                  Unity and Unreal Engine

                  Designing interactive Light Field Images

Session 6

Light Field Displays

                  Where are we now?

                  The types of displays currently available

                  Where are we going?

                  Displays for the future - but not far away

                  Panel Discussion with representatives of companies making Light Field Displays

Session 7 

The Virtual Museum of Holography


                   Preserving the History of Holography: Art / Science / Technology 

                   Using Light Field Technology to document Holograms in VR

                    Archiving Holographic Art - preserving Holographic Art NOW

                   Future opportunites in Holography



 Course Enrollment

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